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This page is full of useful links for you and for us.

Useful travel links

Our first night in London was made luxurious and comfortable in MyHotel Bloomsbury, where the feel of a bohemian country house meets contemporary glamour... pretty neat for a couple of backpackers.

Visa requirements by country thanks to the State Department

Lonely Planet... best damn guide books. period.

The second most useful site in the world is this XE exchange rates and currency converter

General site information

This site is primarily managed with a really great piece of blogging software, MovableType. We make use of a whole bunch of plugins that I won't list here.

The maps you see on this site are powered by IndyJunior. You provide the coordinates, it makes you a map!

We determine our coordinates using a Garmin eTrex, a gift from our friend Ross. When the GPS isn't working, we can also look at the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Place Names.

Other people's travelogues

Everybody has a brother-in-law or friend somewhere that did this kind of trip. Many of them have left behind interesting websites. Here are a few we know of: